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Founder - Shane Thompson

Founder - Shane Thompson

Afternoons with Albert is me, Shane Thompson. But it all started with Albert, so he really is part of this, too. 

As a kid, I treasured spending my Sunday afternoons with my grandfather Albert in his shed. He was a great carpenter and tinkerer, and we were forever building furniture for the family or inventing things to make life easier around the home.

While many things have changed since then – I became an airline pilot (another boy’s dream), I never lost that passion of the young me. As an adult I am still consumed with how we can do things better and more easily. I still have a love for design and aesthetics.

And my travelling and experiencing other cultures has become invaluable fuel for ideas and the creativity Albert instilled in me.

Afternoons with Albert is raw, it's real - it’s design for a life well lived.

Albert believed form, function and beauty needed to come together in all that we created. He fiercely believed that the love and skill put into our designs and creations made live easier and more beautiful for whoever used them.

And I think Albert was right. Therefore his love for function, skill and style live on in our lifestyle-wares that transform the moments of your everyday life.

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