Mum loved reading this, so you may like to as well

I was in Africa for Mother's Day this year. And although the hotel internet was (surprisingly) fast and Skype did it's thing, an electronic hug just wasn't enough. How could it be for the woman who had given me everything?

So a few hours after crossing the Southern Ocean, the Great Australian Bight and a nasty frontal weather system that covered the entire state of Victoria, I jumped back on an aeroplane to more or less retrace my steps. 

She loved the flowers, and the surprise at the door :) 

She also loved the magazine that I brought her. About half way into the 11hour 47min flight time from Johannesburg I was able to sneak a quick peek at the article that QANTAS had featured in their in-flight magazine about my journey of late. I knew it would be the perfect 'gift' for Mum. 

Check it out here:

None of this would have been possible without the unending support and guidance of Mum, so if you will all permit me a personal moment here on the blog; Happy Mother's Day Mum - thank you for all the things you've done, some seen, but mostly unseen. You are my rock. xx