Afternoons with Albert’s passion for life is reflected in the quality of our products and in the care placed into their production. The natural qualities of leather provide a product that is an allegory to our everyday lives and the aging and wear that it undergoes during use only enhances its character. Like us, leather is far from perfect. By the time it’s got our stamp on it, it has already lived one life – so please accept that variations will occur – and celebrate this, as we do. Afternoons with Albert makes sure materials are sourced from like-minded suppliers and ensure that our manufacturing partners share the same regard for high quality materials and love of life as we do.  


Leather’s natural qualities provide a durable and long lasting material, but due care is still needed. To ensure you get the most out of our leather products, don’t expose it to too much water as it may stain and damage the leather. The inherent water resistance of leather means it can stand up to some liquids, but don’t make it a habit. Care products can enhance the resistance of the leather, although some may discolour the original fabric so spot check before applying wholesale. As a rule of thumb, leather is strong enough to endure the rigors of everyday life, but try to avoid dropping it in food, the ocean, puddles and down mountain sides.